Friday, September 30, 2011


This is Jordan's final season of college soccer.  It seems like just yesterday that she was 4 years old and tripping over her feet when she ran.  The doctor suggested putting her in soccer where she would have to keep the ball at her feet when she ran.  Who could have guessed that that would be the start of 17 amazing years of soccer. Soccer has been part of our lives for almost 18 years and now we are 2 months away from this chapter in our lives coming to a close.  I can't even imagine that there will be no more games.  No more butterflies in my stomach as she takes the field.  No more private celebrations every time she makes an amazing save.  No more instant prayers when she collides with another player.  I will no longer be the mother of the keeper.  No one envied me that role, but I reveled in it.  I wouldn't have had it any other way. 

Here is a layout from last year's season.  She played amazing and was awarded some great honors.  This year is starting out no different.  Already this preseason, she has been the Defensive Player of the Week for her conference twice.  I can't wait to watch every single game.  I won't miss one minute.

Products Used:

The Sport is.... Soccer - #1349
Super Size stickers - Soccer - #5570
Title Sports - #1384 - Wrestling

Title Sports - #1375 - Hockey
Title Sports - #1370 - Cross Country
#5575 High School Cardstock Stickers
#1357- First Grade

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our Champion

I just love the new soccer paper from Scrappin' Sports.  I love how easy it is to cut out the title so you can place it exactly where you want it on the layout. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

SHS Graduation

The month before joining the SS&M team my daughter graduation from high school.  I was estatic to find custom high school papers made by Scrappin' Sports & More at my LSS.  Did you know that SS&M does custom school and sports papers?  They are just fabulous!  

Custom SS&M Paper
Sanford High School/ Redskin

"School Is Cool" Paper
#1366 Graduation

"Title Sports" Papers
#1367 Baseball
#1369 Cheerleading

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sports Cards

It's always fun to use up scraps to make cards!  Here are a few sports themed cards:

Products used:
Title Sports Volleyball paper #1383

Products used:
Title Sports Tennis paper #1381
Title Sports Golf paper #1373

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Soccer party!!

At the end of the soccer season, the kids got to have a party at the bowling alley.  So then the I use SOCCER paper or BOWLING paper?  Luckily, Scrappin Sports & More has BOTH!! 

So here is my son with his 2 besties hanging out at the bowling alley, but wearing their soccer shirts!!  Confused yet? 


Products Used:
1248 soccer game
1330 soccer

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I know, it's still way to early to be thinking about the holidays, but really Halloween is just 41 days away! The boys started talking today about costumes and such and it got me thinking. With a little bit of time on my hands today, I decided to start planning ahead --- well, at least a little bit. I went through all my fun Scrappin' Sports & More scraps and pulled out all the colors that reminded me of Halloween. These are the papers I used:

School is Cool - #1358 - 2nd Grade
School is Cool - #1359 - 3rd/4th Grades
Title Sports - #1384 - Wrestling
Title Sports - #1375 - Hockey
Title Sports - #1370 - Cross Country
Down on the Farm - #1291 - Cats
Family & More - #1275 - Cousins
Family & More - #1276 - Niece

Here is what I created with my scraps:

I am 2 cards closer to being ready for the holidays!

Monday, September 19, 2011

She shoots....SCORE!!

After sitting on the sidelines for three years watching Colby play soccer, Elizabeth decided to give it a try. And, she scored her first goal in only her second game! She was so excited (and shocked)! I love her smile as she ran over for her congratulatory hug!

Of course, there's nothing better to scrap this momentous occasion, than Scrappin' Sports & More papers! I used mostly the soccer paper from the "Title Sports" collection, but also a strip of soccer balls from the "The Sport Is...." collection. I was pretty excited to figure out that I could use the SOCCER title but cutting it out, re-arranging the letters and leaving out a C to spell SCORE! Love it!

Products Used:
#1349:- The Sport Is....Soccer
#1379- Title Sports: Soccer

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Best Friends

This is a layout I created for last year's homecoming.  I may not be invited into the dance but at least it's still okay to take pictures before the dance :)  It's amazing how grown up these Freshman girls look when they are not in pony tails playing sports!!  The newest homecoming paper from the Title Sports is a beautiful blue-grey making it a perfect neutral color for all the colorful dresses. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

First & Last Day of 6th Grade

It is amazing how much children grow within the course of a school year.  It was never so apparant to me as it was in Lily's 6th grade year.  

The primary paper in my layout is both sides of the Fifth/Sixth Grade paper from the "School Is Cool" line with a splash of the Watersports paper from the " Sports Head On" line (yes, puns were totally intended).  

Scrappin' Sports & More Supplies:
"School Is Cool" line
Fifth, Sixth Grade Paper (#1360)
Early Years Cardstock Stickers (#5574)
"Sports Head On" line
Watersports paper (#1335)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

Well we were, but then it decided to rain...THE WHOLE WEEK!!!  But I still managed to capture these photos!!  How's the weather in your neck of the woods??


Products Used:
#1372 Football
#1257 Footballs (large footballs)
#1284 June (for the clouds)
#1296 Horse (for the umbrella)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You don't need a lot of other papers or embellishments to create a fantastic layout using SSM's Title Papers!  Here I only used both sides of SSM's Title Sports Basketball paper with a few embellishments.

Products used:
Title Sports Basketball Paper #1368

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just playing around...

.... after browsing through all the fun primary colors in the School is Cool line and the new sports line, I decided that I would play with all of them together!  Then I decided to have some play tome with my sewing machine and my mists too - this is what I ended up with:

It was tons of fun just creating and playing with a bunch of wonderful products at once!

Supply List:

Title Sports #1378 Prom (blue stripe)

Sports Head On - #1323 - Fishing

Title Sports #1381 Tennis (yellow stripes)
School is Cool - #1360 5th/6th Grade
Schhol is Cool - 2nd Grade (orange)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Elegant Card...

There are lots of words that come to mind to describe Scrappin' Sports & More's School is Cool collection:  bright, cheery, fun, kid-friendly, elegant....ELEGANT?!  YES!  The beautiful colors and subtle patterns on the papers can be used to create elegant projects, as well as fun, bright projects that involve our kids!

I paired the elegant School is Cool collection with a sketch from Sketch Support and created this beautiful card that will be sent long overdue to a good friend!

Products Used:
#1357- School Is Cool: First Grade (green)
#1359- School Is Cool:  Third/Fourth Grade (yellow)
#1363- School Is Cool: Sophomore (black)

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Monday, September 5, 2011

She's Got Mad Skills

My Lily is a girl that sets her mind to doing all the things she loves and doing them well.  This layout is all about what she is loving right now; music, swimming, dance and soccer.  What do I love?  I love that "The Sport Is..." line has theme papers for all of Lily's loves making them perfect for creating a fun layout of my girl.

The ruffles are made from the back sides of the swimming, dance & soccer papers.  The bottle caps are made from SS&M stickers.  Believe it or not, the music note bottle cap is made from the negative part of the Music Super Size Cardstock Sticker.

Scrappin' Sports & More Supplies~
From "The Sport Is..." line:
#1341 Dance paper
#1346 Music paper
#1349 Swimming paper
#1351 Soccer paper
From "Name of the Game" line:
#5541 Soccer Cardstock Sticker
From "Super Size Cardstock Stickers" line
#5569 Music

Friday, September 2, 2011

Winners never quit ...

My son tried wrestling one season through our local high school's youth program and it was a tough season.  Since my son is a bigger kid he was usually paired with more experienced kids - he sure learned about not giving up!

I was thrilled to see SSM's new Title Sports Wrestling paper - I love the tiny words on the paper!  I mixed the wrestling paper with Title Sports Golf and Title Sports Volleyball for a layout I love!

Products used:
Title Sports Wrestling #1384
Title Sports Golf #1373
Title Sports Volleyball #1383

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

If you give a dog a bunny...

you might not get it back!!  But you might end up with some cute pictures!!

And if you have the cute might as well have the coordinating papers and stickers to scrap them with!! 


Products Used:
#1297 Rabbit paper
#5554 Dog stickers
#5558 Rabbit stickers