Friday, April 2, 2010

My Scrap Room!

That's right - in our upcoming posts, the Scrappin' Sports and More's Design Team Members are going to share their scrappin' spaces with you!

I will be honest, I was stressin' about sharing my scrap room with the public eye - lol!  I had way too much stuff and I was not using my space or my storage to the best of their abilities!  This blog post  kicked my butt into gear!  I cleaned, purged, painted, rearranged - whew - the end result is SO WORTH IT!  My room has needed this for quite some time now!

The green paint is new - isn't it lovely?  I was holding on to a piece of cardstock for a few years now and I found the exact color of paint from Martha Stewart Living -Oolong Tea!

My scrap room was the opposite, my scrap area and computer area were swapped.

My scrap room / office is our formal dining room, a big space shared with our formal living room, which is my son's game room. :)  The few views are standing in the formal living room looking into my scrap room:

I share both of these areas with my DS, he is very artsy and craft too - he loves to draw, so I love that both of my tables are big enough to share space with him:

This view is walking into my scrap room from our kitchen, you see now that I cleaned & purged I actually have empty shelves & drawers - whoooo-whooo:

The cheerleader stickers are very old - my son, then about 4, bought a sheet of stickers, used all of the sports guys and thought I would like the cheerleaders lol!  They have been on the drawers for about 4 -5 years now!

The largest part of this reorganization was convincing my DH that my shelves & MM boards needed to be moved from the wall my computer desk is now on to this wall, but I need to have this stuff within reach when scrapping:

and this stuff within reach LOL:

This wall hasn't changed in the past few years, occasionally I swap out the layouts, but I love having layouts on display!  These layouts are in album frames from Michael's:

There you have it!  This is where I create!  This is where I spend a lot of my free time!  I love that I am in the middle of the family happenings (I used to be upstairs in a spare bedroom!).  I don't have any new or great storage solutions ... only that I hope (and so does my DH!) that I can keep this place lookin' this good! :)