Thursday, December 29, 2011

National Championship Frame

This fall my friend and colleague coached his men's college soccer team all the way to the Collegiate National Championships!  He came to me a short time ago with a photo and the tournament program and asked me for "scrappy advice" to make a frame for his office.  After chatting and advising, I collected the materials from him and told him I'd take care of it because I had "just the thing" to do it with.  And, of course, Scrappin' Sports soccer papers are what I had in mind!
I wanted to keep the design simple.  Coach wanted to include the team roster, the team photo and the logo of the tournament.  That didn't leave a lot of room for much else.  But, I did go online, got the logo for the school, printed it and added it in. 

Products Used:
#1379- Title Sports: Soccer
#1349- The Sport is....Soccer

Although the didn't win, they are number one in their coaches heart, for sure!  Congratulations, guys!