Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Celebrates Special Men

This month we are going to honor the special men in our lives.

I decided to honor my husband, who is a fantastic father and husband - who probably isn't thanked nearly enough for everything he does for our family.

I have two layouts I want to share with you today.

The first one is called 'you give him wings'.  I love the butterfly trails on this paper so to emphasize them I hand-stitched over the trails.

you guys spend so much time together being pals yet still being a great father teaching Seth to become a great man.  May 2010

Products used:
Defining Summer Paper #1223
Classic Cheerleading Paper #1148

My second layout is called 'coach dad'.  I created this layout as a tribute to my husband who is an assistant coach on all three of our son's sports teams.  Being a coach isn't easy but season after season he commits to the team and to the athletic growth of our son.


I know Seth really enjoys having you as an Assistant Coach on all three
of his sports teams -- football, baseball and basketball.  I know it isn’t 
always easy - working at every game and every practice or the
complaining parents but you are setting a great example to Seth while 
creating a wonderful relationship with lots of memories!  Photos: 2009

Products used:
Football Double Sided Paper #1257
Baseball Double Sided Paper #1255
Basketball Double Sided Paper #1256

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