Thursday, February 16, 2012

Duffy the Defuzzinator

We had a new addition to our family this summer, Duffy the Goldendoodle.  We love, love, love this dog!  He is so sweet and funny!  One of his favorite activities is to completely destroy a squeaky tennis ball.  First, he squeaks it until the squeaker doesn't work anymore.  That part takes a while, trust me--  "SQUEAKA, SQUEAKA, SQUEAKA...."    Once the squeaker has died a long, painful (for us!) death, he proceeds to rip the fuzz off of the ball until it's just a poor nekkid, squeakless ball.  Then, he comes to me as if to say, "Can I have a new ball?  This one is broken!"
So, of course, I had to take photos of his favorite activity!  My favorite is the one where he has the fuzz hanging from is lip!  The Tennis Paper from the "Girls Rule" Collection was just perfect for this layout!
Products Used:
#1395- Girls Rule: Tennis

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