Saturday, October 27, 2012


How many of your children think that Halloween is all about the costumes and not about the candy?  My Lily is all about the costume each year.  She has always had a strong opinion on what she wants to be on Halloween.  We have taken my prom gowns and made her a devil & Glinda, we have taken tulle and made her a cool vamipress skirt.  Last year she decided she wanted to be two different things!  This hectic Mom thought she was crazy since the first costume she decided on was Glinda As you can see in the picture below I had to primp up an 1980's prom gown, make a wand from wood, and the grown from mesh wire & duct tape.  Where was I fitting in time for her to be a Ninja, too?  

Well, she made the costume on her own.  Raided her own wardrobe (suspenders, too) and went digging in the ski bag for for the ski hat and under armour shirt so she could go all NINJA!  Pretty ingenious if you ask me!

The backsides of the papers in the "Sports and Activities" line are pretty fantastic!  I was able to pull out what I consider "Halloween" colored patterned papers and use them for this layout.   I distressed the  papers, including the banner, with my scissors.

I also added some Helmar ZapDots to the banner to give it some height.  Such little touches add depth to layouts.

Scrappin' Sports & More Supplies:
"Sports and Activities"
Basketball paper (orange & black) #1410
Golf paper (green dotted) #1416
Volleyball (black/white chevron) #1429

Happy Halloween!!!