Monday, March 29, 2010

Title Trouble?

With seven kids and tons of sports photos -- I am always on the lookout for a new and creative title for my layouts.  I found that I was reusing titles for my sports pages --- most frequently -"SCORE" - "PLAY BALL" - "TIME TO PLAY" - you get the idea! 

So I decided I needed a change and that my sports layouts needed a bit of creative title work so I went on an internet search!

These are some of my favorite sites for sports quotes: - The Brainy Quote with a search for SPORTS. This is where I found the title for my page today --- it's a quote for sports legend Vince Lombardi. - Simple Sentiments with a search for SPORTS. - titles with a search for SPORTS. - quotes with a search for SPORTS. - Quoteland with a search for SPORTS.

Bookmark these great sites and never be lost for words again!


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