Monday, February 28, 2011

OHIO...Buckeye Country

For those of you familiar with Ohio State University, you will understand that the kids jumping off the raft are spelling out OHIO.  It took a lot of picture taking, but I was happy to get one photo where you can make out the letters.  The new Scrappin' Sports & More Swimming paper is the perfect backdrop for these photos.  All I had to do is add a few pieces of cardstock in the red and grey and the layout was complete.  What kind of swimming pictures do you have from last season that still need to be put in your scrapbook?  This double sided paper is sure to get you well on your way :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

All I Really Need to know about Life, I Learned Playing Soccer!

I created a fun mini album about my son playing soccer and while I was trying to decide how to do it, it occurred to me how many life lessons there are in soccer- or any sport, for that matter.  So, I used several different SS&M soccer papers, some SS&M Soccer Rubons, some black chipboard for the pages and some book rings and it came together quickly!

Products Used:
#1349 The Sport is...Soccer Paper
#1248 Soccer Game Paper
#5530 Soccer Balls Cardstock Stickers
#5541 Soccer Cardstock Stickers
#1336 Sports Head On- Wrestling

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Puck Heads!

We took  my son & his pal to our local hockey team's game one Saturday.  I had never seen these puck head hats before & the boys loved them!!

I loved combining SSM's new Super Sized Cardstock hockey sticker with the Sports on the Edge Hockey paper!

Supplies used:
On the Edge Sports - Hockey paper #1313
Sports Head On - Wrestling #1336
Super Size Cardstock Sticker - Hockey #5568
Hockey Cardstock Sticker #5540

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hurry Up, Spring!

February is coming to a close.  If that darned ol' groundhog was right then Spring is right around the corner.  Softball, golf and track are all 3 spring sporting activities we enjoy in our household.  Today I'm sharing a layout using the golf double sided paper from  our newest release, The Sport is.

I absolutely love these new papers.  I know you will too.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

My Tennis Pro - He's an Ace!

Austin loves all sports and all competitions - if it involves a racket or a ball, he is all over it.  If he isn't already good at it, he is willing to give it his best shot.  Tennis is no exception.  It's not his favorite sport, but he's happy to give you a game!  I love that the new tennis papers can be used for my tennis Ace or my retriever and his favorite toy!  Very versatile!

Friday, February 18, 2011

1 paper...2 layouts

When CHA comes around, there are times I have to surrender some layouts to the show for your viewing pleasure.  But it is sometimes fun to go back and recreate those layouts.  This time around, I got a totally different look using the same products.  Take a look...

Have you ever re-created a layout?  Tell us about it here!


#1322 Cross Country
#1340 Cross Country/Track
#1241 Cross Country Game

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dreaming of Summer!

It's been really cold here in Maine, but we are starting to feel glimpses of warmpth and seeing the sure sign of spring: MUD!  The thought of being warm in the sun always makes me think of summer!  Last summer, we discovered a fabulous beach that is only a short drive from our house.  It's one of those beaches that is usually filled with just the "locals," so it's never really crowded.  We spent many dreamy days there enjoying the sun, sand and surf.  The kids liked the "surf" part the best and played with their boogie boards for hours just walking out and riding the waves back in with screeches and giggles every single time!

The "Simming" paper in the new "The Sport is..." line was perfect to scrap one of those priceless photos that I snapped at the beach this summer!  And, it worked really well with the Watersports paper from the "Head On Sports" line that I used for the background.

Products Used:
#1335 -Head On Sports: Watersports
#1351 -The Sport is...Swimming

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Last summer my son went fishing with his pal & his pal's dad ... my son LOVED fishing and being outside in the reservoir at the base of Pikes Peak, however my son did not care to actually eat the fish they caught!

This photo was perfect for SSM's new The Sport is ... Fishing paper!  I combined it with Sports Head On Fishing paper and On the Edge Sports - Fishing paper, these papers went together so easy!

Supplies used:
Sports Head On - Racing paper #1329
Sports Head On - Fishing paper #1323
On the Edge Sports - Fishing paper #1309
The Sport is - Fishing paper #1342

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Things I love....

#1 on the list:  "The Sport Is...".  SS&M's newest paper release!

This line is not limited to just sports either!  Included in the new papers is the Homecoming/Prom double sided paper.  Here, I've used the Prom side of the paper - the writing is elegant and with it being in black and white, well, it will go with any color you'd like to add.  I used Umbrella Stripes and Tiles paper to add pops of color to this Prom layout of my kids from a couple of years ago.

Products used:
#1347 The Sport is Homecoming/Prom
#1164 Cards, Anyone
#1040 Defining Swimming
#1041 Umbrella Stripes and Tiles

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Friday, February 11, 2011

AreYou Ready for some Football?

Luke is!  When Luke was 8 years old, he would carry around that football whereever he would go, always ready for someone to say, "wanna play catch?".  He's almost 11 now and doesn't carry it everywhere he goes anymore, but he's always ready to play some FOOTBALL!

Paper and Large Football Sticker - new sports release - Winter 2011!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

We love hockey!!

And we really love our mascot, Icy D. Eagle!!  And with Scrappin Sports & More's Sports on Fire line, you can use the Playing the Game paper (item #1137) for nearly any sport.  It's fire on the front and words on the back!!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Indoor Soccer

I love the new double sided soccer paper from SS&M's The Sport Is line.  I combined it with the great soccer ball cardstock stickers from the Name of the Game line  to create the background for my page.  I finished it off with the soccer ball from the Name of the Game paper.  Love how these all coordinate together :)

Scrappin' Sports & More Product Used:

#1349 The Sport Is Soccer
#5541 Name of the Game Soccer Cardstock Stickers
#1259 Name of the Game Soccer Balls Paper

Monday, February 7, 2011

Papa's Fishing Buddy

When my parents lived on the lake, my kids LOVED to go fishing with my dad.  I have so many photos from that time, that I am now getting around to scrapping, thanks to Scrappin' Sports & More!  I used the new Fishing/Hunting paper from the new line called "The Sport is..."  The plaid background is from the "Sports Head On" line's Fishing paper.  I cut the bobbers out from the Fishing paper in the "On the Edge Sports" line and added some baker's twine to pull it all together.  Isn't it fantastic how all of the different lines work together?!

Products Used:
#1309- On the Edge Sports: Fishing
#1323- Sports Head On: Fishing
# 1342- The Sport is: Hunting/Fishing

Friday, February 4, 2011

Football Mascot!

When I arrived at my son's football game this past fall and saw one of his teammate's dogs wearing a team jersey I just had to get a shot of him!! 

This photo worked so well with so many of Scrappin' Sports & More's lines!!  I used the brand new line "The Sport is ..." with  "Classic Football" added in some "Down on the farm - dogs" and topped it off with some custom 'good dog' paper!  I love mixing & matching lines like this!

Products used:
The Sport is ... Football paper #1343
Classic Football paper #1150
Football Reflections paper #1198
Custom Varied Spirit Names 'good dog' paper #927
Football Cardstock sticker #5549
Down on the Farm - Dogs Cardstock sticker #5554

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another One Using An Super-Sized Cardstock Sticker

My daughter and her Kohawk teammates started their 2011 season yesterday.  So, in their honor I am sharing a layout created using the softball super-sized cardstock sticker.  Like I said in a previous post, I could use these stickers on every sports layout from now until I run out of sports photos and still never tire of them - they are GREAT!!!!

Softball Super Sized Cardstock sticker
#1254 Wrestling Game Day 12 x 12 paper
#1249 Softball Game Day 12 x 12 paper
#1237 Baseball Game Day 12 x 12 paper

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fresh from the Show!

I'm just returning from the Craft Show and let me tell you, the Scrappin' Sports & More booth was fabulous!  It is such a great time, checking out all the new lines, visiting with old friend and meeting new friends!  I love it!

Here is another layout for you using the new soccer papers --- this is my daughter Jordan with her college team last fall ---- she is still a soccer fanatic!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another look at the new lines!!

CHA is coming to a close, but the papers are RED HOT!!  Here are a couple more samples for your viewing pleasure...

Products Used:

#5566 Football Super Sized sticker
#1347 Homecoming/Prom paper

Easter Egg Hunt:
#1342 Fishing/Hunting paper
#1277 Grandchild/Grandchildren paper
#1275 Cousin paper
#1294 Ducks paper
#1242 Fishing Game paper
#1284 June paper