Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another teacher gift...

Need an easy card to give the teacher? Here is one that is easy and the kids can even help!!

Step 1: Cut a piece of brown cardstock 12" x 4". Score it at 4 1/2", 5 1/2",  6 1/2" and 11". Tent fold the center so that the card stands up. The 11" fold will be the flap that comes over to make the top of the owl, but don't adhere it yet. Cut triangles fromthe edges of the 11" fold so that it looks like the owl's pointy head (see above).

Step 2: The eyes...
Use a scallop punch and 3 circle punches (or google eyes) and layer them on top of each other as shown.

Step 3: The body...

Cut  4" strips of different colored patterned paper. Rip them and layer them onto the body. You can also use a border punch of you want a more finished, lacey look.

Step 4: Finishing...

Add the eyes at the top and fold the top over slightly. I added an upside down bracket to add eyebrows and give the owl and expression. Cut a triangle beak and adhere between the eyes. Using a  scallop punch, cut one scalloped circle and cut in half for the feet.

Then add your greeting. Other suggestions... "Owl always love you". "Owl love you forever" "Owl be your friend". Can you think of others?


Products Used:
Football Game
On the Edge Basketball