Sunday, July 18, 2010

For all your professional wrestling needs... let me hubby and I have this deal...he goes to professional wrestling matches and I take pictures.  I have to tell you...I have learned to really enjoy scrapping the pictures!  It's not your every day pictures to say the least.  Actually...the large embellishment on this page was actually part of the sign we brought to the match to hold up!

One of my biggest challenges with scrapping professional wrestling pictures is that not a lot of companies have papers to accomodate my needs.  NOT the case with Scrappin Sports and More!!  Not ONLY do they care a wide variety of wrestling papers...I can CUSTOMIZE my OWN papers!!  How cool is THAT?  Yep!  They spoil me!!!


Products Used:

#998 Custom Cheer Pep Rally

So Happy Together

My husband and I recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.  I can't tell you how exctited I was about being able to design my very own custom paper to help record this milestone event.  Not only was I able to incorporate our wedding colors in the paper, but I was also able to include our names on the paper.

#921 Custom Stripe 1
#1300 - Down on the Farm Pigs 12 x 12 paper