Friday, June 15, 2012

2, 4, 6, 8....

Am I the only one that has bought sports photos and then found themselves with a slew of wallets left over many years later?  I am loving that I have found these little gems to work with recently. 

Kass was in cheering for a short 4 years.  She outgrew it quickly as she headed towards those Junior High years.  She was a good little cheerleader, too.  She learned the moves quick and was always the tiny one on the top of the pyramid.  

I found the felt numbers at a shop a few months ago and knew they would be perfect for a cheer page full of Scrappin' Sports & More papers.  I made the banners by cutting 1 inch strips of "Girls Rule" Golf paper (#1390) and "Title Sports" Volleyball paper (#1383) and wrapping them around a thick toothpick.  The Cheerleading paper (#1386) is from the "Girls Rule" line, too.