Monday, September 5, 2011

She's Got Mad Skills

My Lily is a girl that sets her mind to doing all the things she loves and doing them well.  This layout is all about what she is loving right now; music, swimming, dance and soccer.  What do I love?  I love that "The Sport Is..." line has theme papers for all of Lily's loves making them perfect for creating a fun layout of my girl.

The ruffles are made from the back sides of the swimming, dance & soccer papers.  The bottle caps are made from SS&M stickers.  Believe it or not, the music note bottle cap is made from the negative part of the Music Super Size Cardstock Sticker.

Scrappin' Sports & More Supplies~
From "The Sport Is..." line:
#1341 Dance paper
#1346 Music paper
#1349 Swimming paper
#1351 Soccer paper
From "Name of the Game" line:
#5541 Soccer Cardstock Sticker
From "Super Size Cardstock Stickers" line
#5569 Music

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