Thursday, January 28, 2010

Using your patterned paper as embellishments....

A fun and easy way to add your unique touches to your layouts or cards is to cut the patterns out of your scrapbook papers and use those pieces as embellishments rather than leaving it as part of the patterned paper.

In my layout ‘first football uniform’ I cut the football from Scrappin’ Sports & More’s Football Reflection paper, distressed the edges a little bit and adhered it to my layout then die cut my letters for my title from the black paper left over. This allows me to show off more of the football in my layout than had I used the Football Reflections paper as a background paper.

You can also cut images from patterned paper and use it in place of an embellishment as I did here on my “8 second ride” layout. I wanted to add a little something with the photos and a cut out steer from Scrappin’ Sports & More’s new Steers paper worked perfectly.

Your cut out images do not have to be perfect, I think imperfection gives it more of a personal touch … or maybe I just say that to make myself feel better for not being able to cut perfectly! J Start with easier shapes such as a large football then work your way down to smaller more detailed shapes such as the steer. Have fun!