Monday, May 7, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen...START YOUR ENGINES!!

That is definitely a common sound around my neck of the woods this time of year. Of course, you may have guessed that I live in Indiana...home of the Indy 500 race. But to my surprise, when we went to Disneyworld last December, there is a race track that is modeled after the Indy 500 Speedway. It was nice to feel a little bit of home even when we were on vacation. So of course, we had to ride. My son, who was 9, LOVED it because he was just tall enough to ride AND he got his own Disney Driver's License. My daughter had just gotten her real driving permit. So it was off to the races for us!!

And just how perfect was it that Scrappin Sports and More carries a WIDE variety of racing papers and embellishments? was meant to be!!


Products Used:
1375 Hockey
1329 Racing
1247 Racing Game