Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Got This!

(Close Up Included) 

by Lynette Daniel, Owner of Scrap That Moment

Miss Hannah Gebhart was so serious playing Princeton Youth Soccer defense this year! She was a blast to shoot. Maybe she tried a little harder knowing I was on the sidelines just for her. ;) I loved this tongue in cheek picture it shows her determination and playfulness all wrapped up in one darling little girl. I was inspired to try something totally unique with the soccer paper, the idea was to get a mixed media look by using watercolors and paints. The trick was blending all the layers together with a chevron design. I mitered the "frame" corners to continue the motion of the page. I hand drew the title which I tried to mimmick a font called "Bring The Noize" that seems to have an attitude to match. Thanks for looking and appreciate your comments!

The Sport Is.. #1349

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Todd said...

The chevrons going left and right are truly indicative of the "look" of the game. Back and forth, back and forth. With lots of ground texture for the field. Very fun! Nicely done!