Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Merry Mermaid by Lynette Daniel

Last year I did a very special photo shoot with stunning Meghan Ryan. I had gone to a thrift store and bought her a beautiful sapphire full length gown and literally threw her in the indoor pool at the park district making her the most gorgeous real life mermaid. I did her makeup with an angelic glow keeping it natural with silvery highlights and smokey eyes. I think she was even shocked to see the timeless beauty (she never wears makeup!). So back in mid July 2012, I made this Scrappin Sports & More layout for Scrap That Moment and wrote an article for a prom promotion calling it~ "Make A Splash This Prom." A few designers and customers have seen this previously and have been inspired, but this layout was never launched nationally since it was being saved for a major publication. Now that they have chosen another layout to be published, I can show off the original. Shockingly, I only used 1 piece of swimming paper and 2 pieces of WorldWin cardstock (both papers double sided). My signature style elements are hand drawing the title "Splash" (mocking a Scriptina font) with a simple black marker and added Stickles over it.. Next, I used my favorite metallic US Artquest & Prang watercolours on the background, photos, and subtitles.  The flower embellishments are made from the swimming paper with a touch of shimmer. Enjoy~!

The Sport Is.. Swimming #1351


Todd Sanders said...

I never tire of your incorporation of various media in a design, Lynette. Your hand lettering is dynamite and plays well against the lowercase letter blocks. The word "Splash" makes it! And just sticking with blue and black is so appropriate to a water theme. Well done!

Nicole said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love this layout, Lynette!!

Barb Prendergast said...

I was fortunate enough to see this layout in person as Lynette was finishing it back in July. I was blown away by the gorgeous play of the shimmering watercolors against the white background, and by the overall artistry of the design. This is stunning "in person"!