Thursday, October 4, 2012

Love this game

For several years now Victoria has been in love with all things soccer.  She plays pretty much year round and when she isn't playing it we are watching it on tv.  I have to say that her passion for the game has rubbed off on me too.  I absolutely love going to the games and watching her play.  My hope is that she will continue to keep her foot on the ball long after high school is finished. 

I love that I was able to get 5 photos on one page and you can still see all the action of the game.  I love the combination of the red, blue & green from the SS&M papers.  And while the zebra print is a neutral, I love how it pulls everything together. 

Scrappin' Sports & More Paper:

#1405 Sporty Words - Soccer
#1387 Girls Rule - Cheer (zebra print)
#1374 Title Sports - Gymnastics (blue stars)
#1380 Title Sports - Softball (red stripe)

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