Monday, August 20, 2012

Bagging It Times Two!

Decorating paper bags for gift giving is one of my favorite 
ways to present a gift.  You can decorate the bag just like 
you would a card, in the style of the person you are giving the gift.

Lily went to a birthday party this weekend for two dear friends.
They just happen to be twins.
Twins with two completely different looks, styles, and personalities.
I kept that in mind when decorating their gift bags.

Bri's gift bag is streamlined with summery colors & a matching layered flower.

Scrappin' Sports & More Supplies:
"Title Sports"
Cross Country Paper (#1370)
Tennis Paper (#1381)

Bai's gift bag is a bit busier & is accented with pops of pink washi tape & butterflies.

Scrappin' Sports & More Supplies:
"Girls Rule"
Tennis Paper (#1395)
Gold Paper (#1390)

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