Monday, November 28, 2011

He Looks Great in YELLOW!!

My son was ecstatic to be invited to test for his Yellow Belt after just three months of Karate classes.  He was so focused and worked so hard throughout the two hour test and was all smiles as he posed with his Sensei wearing his newly earned belt.

My favorite part about this layout (besides my son's big smile) is the belt progression that I created with the punched circles.  Because SS&M has such a wide array of colors, I didn't have to dig very far into my pile of SS&M goodies to come up with a paper for each belt color!

Products Used:
#1336- Sports Head On: Wrestling (black)
#1323- Sports Head On: Fishing (blue)
#1333- Sports Head On: Track (green)
#1341- School Is Cool: 7th/8th Grade (brown)
#1359- School Is Cool: 3rd/4th Grade (yellow & purple)
#1358- School is Cool: 2nd Grade (orange)

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