Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In a Flash!!

It all happens in a flash!  You have a beautiful baby and then BAM!  You are looking at your baby who is now so grown up and you wonder where the time went.  How did this happen seemingly overnight?  I took Colby to the playground the other day while Elizabeth was volunteering at the library.  All of a sudden I looked at him and couldn't believe how big and grown up he looked.  I swear he hadn't looked like that the day before!!

The School is Cool collection is perfect for this layout.  This combination of bold colors and simple patterns are just perfect for scrapping my boy- or any boy! 

Products Used:
#1355- Preschool (red)
#1356- Kindergarten (blue)
#1357- First Grade (green)
#1359- Third/Fourth Grade (yellow)
#1361- Seventh/Eighth Grade (gray)

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  Be sure to take a minute to hug your kiddos- tomorrow they will be all grown up!



Pam AKA: picnic said...

Oh how true, i love a my baby and she is 24, married and has a baby of her own, now I look at my DGB's and think the same thing, where has time gone, Love you LO, TFS...

Shawnee said...

What a cute LO. Definitely true my oldest is now 14. Soon he'll be driving. LOL

Katie said...

fabulous layout by Nicole!