Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

When I saw the new "The Sport Is...." line of papers, there was one paper in particular that popped out at me.  The "Homecoming" paper is beatiful black with white script and a lovely font on the back that says "prom."  It was, of course, intended to scrap the high school dances, but when I saw the Homecoming paper, it meant something else.  There is a very special family that I know who was missing one family member from April until November of 2010.  The father of three, and wonderful husband, of this family was stationed in Saudi Arabia during that time with the Maine Air National Guard.  In November, his family was so excited to greet him at the airport to welcome him home.  So, to honor this incredible military family, and ALL military families, I created this layout about his "Homecoming."  Welcome home, Mike!

Products Used:
#1347 -The Sport is Homecoming/Prom
#1328 -Head On Sports- Music

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Julie said...

what a great way to use this paper...love the layout!