Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Several years ago when my son started baseball and they spent an entire practice learning how to slide, take a lead and dive back to the base - my son felt like he hit the jackpot!

Could it be that an adult was teaching him how to slide?  Could it be that the same woman who complains about holes in the jeans during their second wear would be cheering for him to slide in the dirt?!  Could it be that the numerous practice pants and game pants never get a raised eyebrow but the jeans and athletic pants get lectures ... then the decision in a boy's 6 year old mind was made that baseball was his game!

I often joke that you love to slide in baseball because I cannot complain about the dirt or the holes in your pants.  It's no surprise that you have perfected your slide!  Sept 2010

Big Red Slide 12x12 Double-sided Paper #1097
Baseball Reflections Paper #1196
Baseballs 5.5"x11.5" Cardstock Sticker #5526
At Bat Rub-on #7501
Sports Head On - Wrestling Paper #1336

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