Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sweet Summertime - Finally!

Here is Washington State, anything over 65 degrees is considered warm & toasty and summer usually starts in May sometime. But, it's been on of "those" years - cold, wet, and dreary and we are already at the end of June! 

We are trying to be patient and wait -- wait for the temperatures to warm up so that we can hang out at Grandma's pool.  That is our absolute FAVORITE summertime activity.  This year we haven't been there even once this year --- but we remember last year!

All Summer Long

Here's hoping that we can get back in the pool really quick --- I just love all the laughter and smiles that happen there!

Products Used:

#1041 - Umbrella Stripes and Tiles
#1040 - Defining Swimming
#1300 - Pigs

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