Wednesday, June 9, 2010

For the "Handy Man"....

My dad is the ultimate "handy man," always puttering and fixing.  So, what better Father's Day card than a card that looks like a measuring tape?  I made a simple box out of black cardstock and then decorated it with my Scrappin' Sports & More papers.  I cut two strips of the Racing Paper (yellow), put them together end to end, marked the "ruler marks" and stamped "lots and lots, and lots, and lots...." on it.  It's actually almost two feet long when it's pulled out.  I also rolled up some of the Cheering Paper (gray) and attached it to the tape as a little handle to pull on.  We will sign the back before giving it to him!
Products Used:
#1240- Cheerleading Game
#1247- Racing Game

Have a great day!

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