Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Time for Graduations!

It's definitely that time of year again - school is out and summer is getting underway.  Graduation ceremonies and parties are abundant and families are getting ready to send their children off to college.  Such a bittersweet time - scary and exciting all at the same moment! 

I love the possibility that graduation holds, the future is there for the taking.  I have graduated 4 children from high school and I have 3 kids left to go.  This year, however, is an off year for us.  No one is graduating at any level:  preschool, 8th grade, high school or college.  So I took this chance to take a look back to 2006, graduation night for Travis. 

Time to build the future:

Build the Future

Products Used:

#1166 - Blocks
#1241 - Cross Country Game
##1297 - Rabbits

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