Monday, May 17, 2010


Believing in yourself, having faith in God and your Family was the theme for my April 2010 Project 12 layout. I really had no plans for this layout until I really looked at my pictures and I realized that just believing in these 3 things made our whole month memorable. I hope this is something that my children remember as they grow and go through the trials that life throws their way. Believing in yourself is a powerful thing and backed by your faith and your family, you can get through anything.

Scrappin' Sports & More Products Used:
#1300 Pigs (pink) Down on the Farm line
#1219 Defining Spring Paper (words)
#1152 Classic Hockey (blue)
#1226 Frozen Treats (yellow)
#1033 Defining Running

This one word can sum up our whole month. Believing in yourself and your abilities is such a strong lesson. You can and will succeed when you dig deep, work hard and have faith in your abilities. All three of you set goals, worked hard and made me and your coaches very happy with your track accomplishments. This month was also the celebration of our faith in God, not only with the Easter season, but also with Victoria’s confirmation. She has taken this responsibility of her faith very seriously and we are all very proud. Angie stood up as her sponsor and Victoria honored her by choosing Angela as her confirmation name. Lastly, believing in your family, that they are always there for you no matter what life throws your way. You can always find strength in our love. You can always come to us and find comfort in our arms. You can always talk with us and find wisdom in our words. We are here for you. Always & Forever, Just Believe.

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