Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ok, now it's my turn to show my little scrappin' haven.  It's very compact, but it's also in the heart of our home so I can always be in the action!

I work at the table, I store most of my paper in a drawer of the desk, most of my supplies are kept either in my XXL tote or my 3 drawer iris cart by the computer.  My favorite albums are stored on the self of the couch table along with layouts waiting to be put into albums.  On the easel stand is where I display favorite layouts (and sometimes in progress layouts that I need to think on for a while). 

My most used smaller supplies, pens, inks, rub-on letters, scissors, etc. are on the corner of the table, always within easy reach, along with my "scraps" trash can a friend gave me.

And last, but not least, my constant scrappin' companion, Toby.  He's usually laying on his blanket at my feet while I'm creating but today while I was taking these photos he just couldn't resist mugging for the camera.  He thinks he's a scrapper too (I'm not going to tell him he's just a dog).

Thanks for taking the time to look at my scrap space.  I know it's small.  I know I don't offer any great storage solutions, but I hope it helps show that whatever your space, wherever you scrap, if you're comfortable and it brings you joy that's all you need.


Carolyn Lontin said...

I love your space Peggy!! Toby is adorable - love that photo!!

Lori Apgar said...

This is a great space being so close to the family! I have my space in the basement and my 4 year old son HATES when I am down here!!

I think most people do not have their own scrap room and it is nice to see that here!

Thanks for showing us your area and for keeping it real!!

Scrappin Sports & More said...
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